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Cover of Finally by Rolanda T. Pyle


Awarded: Best Inspirational Poems, 2008 by Christian Storyteller

A strong black woman, a social worker and a devoted member of a loving family, but above all else, Rolanda Pyle is a woman of God. Her first collection of poetry, Finally, is an intensely personal rumination on the way her indomitable faith has guided her path in life. Pyle writes passionately about the challenges she has faced — her painful struggles with relationships, weight loss and sickness — and the divine light, which inspired her to overcome them. Her verse sings of survival, celebrating God's love and the power of perseverance.
—Long Island University Magazine


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  "picture of month" Rolanda T. Pyle

We are pleased to present Rolanda's featured poem for this month- "Alone"

There are times you may feel alone

There are times, you won’t want to go home

Because you know all you will hear

Is the silence and quiet in the air.

Share this poem with family and friends. Please join us here next month for another featured poem.


   Poem "Alone" copyright 2018

by Rolanda T. Pyle.  

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Portrait of Rolanda T. Pyle


The Latest from RoRo's Rainbow Communications:

  Grandma's Hands


Grandma's Hands

Today, millions of children are living with millions of grandparents and other relatives
without their parents. Grandma's Hands shows how patience, compassion and love start to mend a broken heart. (Illustrated by Nailah Khatri)

Formats: Perfect Bound Softcover (Color) and E-Book 

Purchase from Authorhouse              

Purchase a signed copy from Rolanda  viaPayPal              

Beneath His Everlasting Wings

Cover of Beneath His Everlasting Wings compiled by Rolanda T. Pyle

Order Now On Our Books Page

"I felt your book was done very well. Each individual writer was very inspiring. Tamika Nurse touched me deeply, as well as a few others. I enjoyed the book greatly." —Felecia Coston Jordan

"...a collection of inspirational devotions, poems and short stories that make you reflect on your life and the struggles you might have endured. Reading this was like a breath of fresh air... It was a great, power-packed read."
—Cheryl Hayes, APOOO Book Club, 5-star review

THIS DEVOTIONAL MINISTERS to those going through difficult situations by providing devotional tools to help readers cope with life challenges. It features a host of authors on diverse topics that affect us in our everyday walk in life. Some authors share personal stories and testimonies.

"This wonderful devotional was compiled by Rolanda T. Pyle. It will lift your spirit when things get rough and you will be challenged to strive to live right and do right for the betterment of others. The testimonies will encourage you to: "walk in victory, expectation and power!", and "step up to the plate and let the enemy know that no matter what he throws your way, you will not strike out!" By the time you finish these devotionals you will be comforted in knowing that "Troubles don't always last." —Black Christian Book Review

"As I read each testimony I shed so many tears..."
—Jameelah, C&B's Book Reviews, 5-star review


The Power of Social Work

The New Social WorkerBE INSPIRED! BE UPLIFTED! Read Rolanda T. Pyle's poem, "The Power of Social Work," on the website of The New Social Worker, the social work careers magazine.


God Behind the Scenes

ROLANDA SHARES A HEARTWARMING true life story of how God turned her childhood disappointments into blessings beyond her imagination on the blog, The Power of a Thankful Heart.

The Encyclopedia of Elder Care

Encyclopedia of Elder CareROLANDA PYLE IS COAUTHOR of the chapter, "Grandparents as Family Caregivers," appearing in the new edition of The Encyclopedia of Elder Care. Sample and order it now.


The Latest from Gumbo for the Soul: Men of Honor

GUMBO FOR THE SOUL PUBLICATIONS' fourth anthology is available now. Gumbo for the Soul: Men of Honor (Special Cancer Awareness Edition) encompasses a focus on humanitarianism, honor and the health concerns affecting men with a particular focus on prostate cancer. This anthology reflects stories woven into our legacy, carried by time and preserved with love.

Rolanda Pyle is featured in the new anthology with her memoir, "Life with Father."

Order Men of Honor in a Kindle edition on Amazon.

About the Author & Publisher

ROLANDA T. PYLE is a licensed social worker and consultant. She is currently the Part-time Community Outreach Specialist at Sunnyside Community Services CARE NYC, where she was previously Assistant Director. She was a consultant with the Assigned Counsel Project, and before that, Associate Director of the Brookdale Foundation's Relatives as Parents Program (RAPP) at the Brookdale Foundation. She was also the Director of the New York City Department for the Aging's Grandparent Resource Center for ten years.

She has received numerous awards for her work with grandparents raising grandchildren, including the 2004 Sloan Public Service Award and HBO's 2004 Beah Richards Spirit Award. New York's Daily News named her one of the "100 Women Who Shape Our City" in April 2004.


Recent News

The Summer 2019 Newsletter is available here.


Kingdom Award image

"I am so excited, humbled and grateful!" Rolanda is a Kingdom  Image Award Nominee Finalist in two categories. One is for "Author of the Year" and the other is for "Kingdom Cares Community Service." The Kingdom Image Awards honors "Christian arts for their contribution to the Kingdom, within their local Faith-based community."

The Author of the Year award is voted on by the public through September 1st, and can be voted on weekly. Vote here.

See the informational video here. Read about Rolanda's nomination here.

The 2019 Awards Ceremony will be held October 10-12 in Columbus, OH.



Four of Rolanda’s stories were chosen for the 50 in 50: Letters to Our Daughters global online launch.

50 in 50: Letters to Our Daughters is a theatrical reading event that was curated by 2018 MacArthur “Genius” Dominique Morriseau. A group of 50 women “consider both the world they inherited and the one they’d like to create.”

Read Rolanda's and the hundreds of amazing stories submitted by women from across the globe for 50 in 50 on this map. You can go to the national map and go through all of the entries, or go to the Kings County map and go to the entries through those numbers. All entries go by titles.                                           

Rolanda’s stories are:

National Map entries (if you go to the national map): 

My Grandmother Taught Me .....#140

I Always Heard God.......... #81

Growing Up........... #73

The "All Things" Basket...... #183

The Kings County Map entries (if you go to the Kings County map):

My Grandmother Taught Me .....# 51

I Always Heard God.......... #28

Growing Up........... #26

The "All Things" Basket...... #61


Rolanda was honored by her public school (P. S. 9 in Brooklyn, NY) by highlighting her as the April 2019 alumni of the month in their newsletter. "I loved this public school!", she stated.

PS 9 Brooklyn Alumni Honoree

Latest Honor

NOW AVAILABLE! All three of Rolanda's books are now available at Good News Nook Bookstore at Calvary Baptist Church, 10 Martin Luther King Avenue, Morristown, NJ on Sundays!


New Publication

Weill Cornell Medicine Medical College

ROLANDA 's two poems, "Asthma" and "What’s in a Name" are a part of a new publication, LEAP Voices—Stories of Challenges, Resilience and Hope. This publication is a part of the LEAP (Longitudinal Educational Experience Advancing Patient Partnerships) at Weill Cornell Medicine. All contributions were donated by LEAP patient-teachers. This publication will be shared with patients throughout the Weill Cornell hospital LEAP program and elsewhere.

Rolanda Receives Community Playmakers Award from NY Liberty  and Walmart

Harlem NewsNew York Liberty LogoROLANDA T. PYLE received the Community Playmaker of the Game Award from NY Liberty and Walmart at Madison Square Garden before a Liberty game. She was recognized on court for her community service volunteer work with seniors.

A Tribute to Grandparents…

Metro NewsHarlem NewsROLANDA T. PYLE'S poem, "A Tribute to Grandparents Raising Grandchildren"(this month's poem) was featured on page 26 in the Harlem Community Newspaper in the Vol. 21, No. 36, September 8, 2016 edition. This poem was also published in the July-September 2017 issue of Metro News on page 6.

Quoted in New Book

Mama Left MeMAMA LEFT ME is a new book by Carol Ingram Moore that addresses a subject close to Rolanda's heart: children raised by their grandparents. She's quoted in the book.



The Power of Social Work

The New Social WorkerROLANDA'S POPULAR POEM "The Power of Social Work" was reprinted on the website of The New Social Worker. Other poems on social work were posted throughout the month of March.

Read free digital versions of The New Social Worker online.

Thank You, Volunteers!

Citymeals on Wheels Award Dinner

ROLANDA T. PYLE WAS ONE of these generous New Yorkers honored by Citymeals-On-Wheels for ten or more years of service in a beautiful celebration in Grand Central Station on April 20, 2016. From left to right: Kathy James, Vivienne Papadatos, Sheila Clay (Citymeals Volunteer Coordinator), Vivienne O’Neill (Citymeals Director of Volunteer Programs), Candy Martinez, Rolanda Pyle, Felice Seltzer, and Janelyne Devoe.


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